Master Checklist.

Base Cards

There should be approximately 9 base cards per pack. There are 199 base cards plus 1 checklist.

# Model Colorway Nickname
1Adidas Crazy 97 EQTPurple/Black/White'Crazy EQT 97'
2Adidas KB8/Crazy 8Black/White'OG'
3Adidas KB8/Crazy 8White/Black'White'
4Adidas KB8 2Black/Purple'Black'
5Adidas KB8 2Purple/White'Power Purple'
6Adidas KB8 3White/Gold/Purple'Lakers'
7Adidas KB8 3White/Black'White'
8Adidas Kobe 1White/Black'White'
9Adidas Kobe 1Metallic Silver/Black'Metallic Silver'
10Adidas Kobe 1Sunshine Yellow/Black'Sunshine'
11Adidas Kobe 2White/Black'White'
12Adidas Kobe 2Silver/Black'Silver'
13Nike Huarache 2K4White/Purple/Gold'Kobe Laser'
14Nike Huarache 2K4White/Blue/Red'All Star'
15Nike Huarache 2K4Grey'Fade To Black'
16Nike Huarache 2K5White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
17Nike Huarache 2K5Grey/Blue/White'All Star'
18Nike Huarache 2K5Grey/Black/White'Grey'
19Nike Zoom Kobe 1White/Purple/Gold'Final Seconds'
20Nike Zoom Kobe 1White/Purple/Black'81 Points'
21Nike Zoom Kobe 1Grey/White'Fade To Black'
22Nike Zoom Kobe 2White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
23Nike Zoom Kobe 2Grey/Light Grey'Prelude'
24Nike Zoom Kobe 2White/Grey'Fade To Black'
25Nike Zoom Kobe 3White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
26Nike Zoom Kobe 3Black/Purple'Prelude'
27Nike Zoom Kobe 3Grey'Fade To Black'
28Nike Zoom Kobe 4Black/Gold/Purple'Carpe Diem'
29Nike Zoom Kobe 4Black/White'Black Mamba'
30Nike Zoom Kobe 4Grey'Fade To Black'
31Nike Hyperdunk/Kobe 4 HybridBlack/Purple/White'Hybrid Lakers Away'
32Nike Hyperdunk/Kobe 4 HybridWhite/Purple/Grey'Hybrid Lakers Home'
33Nike Zoom Kobe 5Black/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
34Nike Zoom Kobe 5Black/Yellow/Red'Bruce Lee'
35Nike Zoom Kobe 5Grey'Fade To Black'
36Nike Zoom Kobe 6White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
37Nike Zoom Kobe 6Volt/Black'Grinch'
38Nike Zoom Kobe 6Grey'Fade To Black'
39Nike Zoom Kobe 7White/Gold/Purple'Lakers'
40Nike Zoom Kobe 7Black/Gold/Purple'Elite Away'
41Nike Zoom Kobe 7Grey'Fade To Black'
42Nike Zoom Kobe 8Purple/White/Black'Playoff'
43Nike Zoom Kobe 8Black/Gold/Purple'Elite Away'
44Nike Zoom Kobe 8Dark Purple'Fade to Black'
45Nike Zoom Kobe 9Black/Metallic Silver'Black Metallic Silver'
46Nike Zoom Kobe 9White/Black/Gum'HTM'
47Nike Zoom Kobe 9Purple/Black'Moonwalker'
48Nike Zoom Kobe 9 ElitePurple/Black/Grey'Team'
49Nike Zoom Kobe 9 EliteBlack/Grey/White'BHM'
50Nike Zoom Kobe 9 EliteBlack'Fade To Black'
51Nike Zoom Kobe 10Purple/Black'Blackout'
52Nike Zoom Kobe 10White/Black'Fundamentals'
53Nike Zoom Kobe 10Black'Fade To Black'
54Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EliteBlack/Gold/White'Rose Gold'
55Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EliteGold/Black'Opening Night'
56Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EliteRed/White/Blue'American'
57Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EXTRed/White/Gum'University Red'
58Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EXTWhite/Gum'White Gum'
59Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EXTBlack/Gum'Black Gum'
60Nike Zoom Kobe 11Black/Gold/Purple'Carpe Diem'
61Nike Zoom Kobe 11Red/Black'Achilles Heel'
62Nike Zoom Kobe 11Black/Gold'Fade To Black'
63Nike Kobe A.D.Purple/Black'Purple Stardust'
64Nike Kobe A.D.White/Gold'Big Stage'
65Nike Kobe A.D.Black'Black Mamba'
66Nike Kobe A.D. MidWhite/Purple/Black'Baseline'
67Nike Kobe A.D. MidBlack/White/Gum'Black Gum'
68Nike Kobe A.D. MidGrey/White/Gold'Grey Snakeskin'

Mamba Moments

There are 8 mamba moments cards. The odds of pulling a Mamba Moments card are 1:2. The odds of pulling a SPECIFIC Mamba Moments card are 1:12.

# Card
KB1Shaq & Kobe First Championship
KB2Kobe plays Rucker Park
KB3Shoeless Photoshoot
KB4Captain of the Redeem Team
KB581 Points
KB6Final Championship
KB7Kobe wins an oscar
KB8The Bryants

Sneaker Free Agency

There are 8 sneaker free agency cards. The odds of pulling a sneaker free agency card card are 1:12. The odds of pulling a SPECIFIC Sneaker Free Agency card are 1:93.

# Shoe Colorway
FA1Reebok QuestionWhite/Purple/Gold
FA2Reebok Answer IVWhite/Purple/Grey
FA3Converse WeaponWhite/Purple/Gold
FA4Adidas ForumWhite/Purple/Gold
FA5Nike Air Flight HuaracheWhite/Purple/Gold
FA6AF1 Mid PEWhite/Orange
FA7AJ8 PEWhite/Purple/Gold
FA8AJ11 ConcordWhite/Black/Concord

Xinjie Sneakerseum

There are 24 Xinjie Sneakerseum cards. The odds of pulling a Xinjie Sneakerseum card card are 1:4. The odds of pulling a SPECIFIC Xinjie Sneakerseum card are 1:31.

# Shoe Colorway
X1Adidas Kobe 1 Autographed PEGold/Black
X2Adidas Kobe 2 American Flag 9/11Red/White/Blue
X3Adidas Kobe 3 Unreleased SampleWhite/Red
X4And1 Desire Kobe PEYellow/White
X5Jordan III Kobe PEWhite/Purple/Gold
X6Jordan VII Kobe PEWhite/Purple/Gold
X7Jordan IX Kobe PEBlack/Gold/Purple
X8Nike Air Force 1 Mid Kobe PEWhite/Gold/Purple
X9Nike Huarache 2k4 Kobe PEWhite/Red/Blue
X10Nike Hyperdunk 2008 Kobe PE China BirthdayBlack/Purple/Gold
X11Nike Hyperdunk 2008 Aston Martin Kobe PESilver/Blue/Red
X12Nike Hyperdunk x Kobe 4 Kobe PEWhite/Gold/Purple
X13Nike Kobe 1 Final Seconds' (Isaiah Thomas PE)Varsity Gold/Royal Purple-Black
X14Nike Kobe 1 Isaiah Thomas PEYellow/Red/Orange Camo
X15Nike Kobe 2 Kobe PEGreen/White
X16Nike Kobe 4 Breast Cancer AwarenessPink/Gold
X17Nike Kobe 4 Kobe PE "4 Rings"Purple Fade/Gold Fade
X18Nike Kobe 4 Kobe PEWhite/Purple/Gold
X19Nike Kobe 5 Kobe PE "Scoring Title"Silver/Purple/Gold
X20Nike Kobe 5 Kobe PEChaos
X21Nike Kobe 8 Kristi Toliver PEWhite/Purple/Gold/Teal
X22Nike Kobe AD Terry Rozier Halloween CustomsGreen/Gold/White/Black
X23Nike Kobe AD Isaiah Thomas PEGreen/Gold/Black
X24Reebok Question Kobe PEWhite/Black