#824pack FULL set checklist

"The #824pack holds the distinguished honor of being the pioneering sneaker trading card set in existence. The collection encompasses 68 distinct base cards, each symbolizing the various footwear adorned by Kobe Bryant throughout his illustrious career. Additionally, the set is enhanced by the inclusion of 40 special insert cards, further enriching its appeal."

68 unique individual cards make up the 824 Pack base set.

# Model Colorway Nickname
1Adidas Crazy 97 EQTPurple/Black/White'Crazy EQT 97'
2Adidas KB8/Crazy 8Black/White'OG'
3Adidas KB8/Crazy 8White/Black'White'
4Adidas KB8 2Black/Purple'Black'
5Adidas KB8 2Purple/White'Power Purple'
6Adidas KB8 3White/Gold/Purple'Lakers'
7Adidas KB8 3White/Black'White'
8Adidas Kobe 1White/Black'White'
9Adidas Kobe 1Metallic Silver/Black'Metallic Silver'
10Adidas Kobe 1Sunshine Yellow/Black'Sunshine'
11Adidas Kobe 2White/Black'White'
12Adidas Kobe 2Silver/Black'Silver'
13Nike Huarache 2K4White/Purple/Gold'Kobe Laser'
14Nike Huarache 2K4White/Blue/Red'All Star'
15Nike Huarache 2K4Grey'Fade To Black'
16Nike Huarache 2K5White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
17Nike Huarache 2K5Grey/Blue/White'All Star'
18Nike Huarache 2K5Grey/Black/White'Grey'
19Nike Zoom Kobe 1White/Purple/Gold'Final Seconds'
20Nike Zoom Kobe 1White/Purple/Black'81 Points'
21Nike Zoom Kobe 1Grey/White'Fade To Black'
22Nike Zoom Kobe 2White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
23Nike Zoom Kobe 2Grey/Light Grey'Prelude'
24Nike Zoom Kobe 2White/Grey'Fade To Black'
25Nike Zoom Kobe 3White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
26Nike Zoom Kobe 3Black/Purple'Prelude'
27Nike Zoom Kobe 3Grey'Fade To Black'
28Nike Zoom Kobe 4Black/Gold/Purple'Carpe Diem'
29Nike Zoom Kobe 4Black/White'Black Mamba'
30Nike Zoom Kobe 4Grey'Fade To Black'
31Nike Hyperdunk/Kobe 4 HybridBlack/Purple/White'Hybrid Lakers Away'
32Nike Hyperdunk/Kobe 4 HybridWhite/Purple/Grey'Hybrid Lakers Home'
33Nike Zoom Kobe 5Black/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
34Nike Zoom Kobe 5Black/Yellow/Red'Bruce Lee'
35Nike Zoom Kobe 5Grey'Fade To Black'
36Nike Zoom Kobe 6White/Purple/Gold'Lakers'
37Nike Zoom Kobe 6Volt/Black'Grinch'
38Nike Zoom Kobe 6Grey'Fade To Black'
39Nike Zoom Kobe 7White/Gold/Purple'Lakers'
40Nike Zoom Kobe 7Black/Gold/Purple'Elite Away'
41Nike Zoom Kobe 7Grey'Fade To Black'
42Nike Zoom Kobe 8Purple/White/Black'Playoff'
43Nike Zoom Kobe 8Black/Gold/Purple'Elite Away'
44Nike Zoom Kobe 8Dark Purple'Fade to Black'
45Nike Zoom Kobe 9Black/Metallic Silver'Black Metallic Silver'
46Nike Zoom Kobe 9White/Black/Gum'HTM'
47Nike Zoom Kobe 9Purple/Black'Moonwalker'
48Nike Zoom Kobe 9 ElitePurple/Black/Grey'Team'
49Nike Zoom Kobe 9 EliteBlack/Grey/White'BHM'
50Nike Zoom Kobe 9 EliteBlack'Fade To Black'
51Nike Zoom Kobe 10Purple/Black'Blackout'
52Nike Zoom Kobe 10White/Black'Fundamentals'
53Nike Zoom Kobe 10Black'Fade To Black'
54Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EliteBlack/Gold/White'Rose Gold'
55Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EliteGold/Black'Opening Night'
56Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EliteRed/White/Blue'American'
57Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EXTRed/White/Gum'University Red'
58Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EXTWhite/Gum'White Gum'
59Nike Zoom Kobe 10 EXTBlack/Gum'Black Gum'
60Nike Zoom Kobe 11Black/Gold/Purple'Carpe Diem'
61Nike Zoom Kobe 11Red/Black'Achilles Heel'
62Nike Zoom Kobe 11Black/Gold'Fade To Black'
63Nike Kobe A.D.Purple/Black'Purple Stardust'
64Nike Kobe A.D.White/Gold'Big Stage'
65Nike Kobe A.D.Black'Black Mamba'
66Nike Kobe A.D. MidWhite/Purple/Black'Baseline'
67Nike Kobe A.D. MidBlack/White/Gum'Black Gum'
68Nike Kobe A.D. MidGrey/White/Gold'Grey Snakeskin'

There are 8 mamba moments cards. The odds of pulling a Mamba Moments card are 1:2. The odds of pulling a SPECIFIC Mamba Moments card are 1:12.

# Card
KB1Shaq & Kobe First Championship
KB2Kobe plays Rucker Park
KB3Shoeless Photoshoot
KB4Captain of the Redeem Team
KB581 Points
KB6Final Championship
KB7Kobe wins an oscar
KB8The Bryants

TBlah Blah Blah

# Shoe Colorway
FA1Reebok QuestionWhite/Purple/Gold
FA2Reebok Answer IVWhite/Purple/Grey
FA3Converse WeaponWhite/Purple/Gold
FA4Adidas ForumWhite/Purple/Gold
FA5Nike Air Flight HuaracheWhite/Purple/Gold
FA6AF1 Mid PEWhite/Orange
FA7AJ8 PEWhite/Purple/Gold
FA8AJ11 ConcordWhite/Black/Concord

TBlah Blah Blah

# Shoe Colorway
X1Adidas Kobe 1 Autographed PEGold/Black
X2Adidas Kobe 2 American Flag 9/11Red/White/Blue
X3Adidas Kobe 3 Unreleased SampleWhite/Red
X4And1 Desire Kobe PEYellow/White
X5Jordan III Kobe PEWhite/Purple/Gold
X6Jordan VII Kobe PEWhite/Purple/Gold
X7Jordan IX Kobe PEBlack/Gold/Purple
X8Nike Air Force 1 Mid Kobe PEWhite/Gold/Purple
X9Nike Huarache 2k4 Kobe PEWhite/Red/Blue
X10Nike Hyperdunk 2008 Kobe PE China BirthdayBlack/Purple/Gold
X11Nike Hyperdunk 2008 Aston Martin Kobe PESilver/Blue/Red
X12Nike Hyperdunk x Kobe 4 Kobe PEWhite/Gold/Purple
X13Nike Kobe 1 Final Seconds' (Isaiah Thomas PE)Varsity Gold/Royal Purple-Black
X14Nike Kobe 1 Isaiah Thomas PEYellow/Red/Orange Camo
X15Nike Kobe 2 Kobe PEGreen/White
X16Nike Kobe 4 Breast Cancer AwarenessPink/Gold
X17Nike Kobe 4 Kobe PE "4 Rings"Purple Fade/Gold Fade
X18Nike Kobe 4 Kobe PEWhite/Purple/Gold
X19Nike Kobe 5 Kobe PE "Scoring Title"Silver/Purple/Gold
X20Nike Kobe 5 Kobe PEChaos
X21Nike Kobe 8 Kristi Toliver PEWhite/Purple/Gold/Teal
X22Nike Kobe AD Terry Rozier Halloween CustomsGreen/Gold/White/Black
X23Nike Kobe AD Isaiah Thomas PEGreen/Gold/Black
X24Reebok Question Kobe PEWhite/Black

There were 8 'Golden Tickets' randomly inserted into #824packs, giving rippers the ability to redeem for another free box, 10 graded shoes, or a preservation case. All have been pulled, only a few have