#DunkyDunks 2 FULL set checklist

The Dunky Dunks set is the only trading card set aimed at chronicling the Nike Skateboarding line from day one. A labor of love...THIS is part 2, 3 (or 4) years later...

60 More Dunky Dunks (and other SBs) to add to the original set...these ones really capture (what we know of as) the culture. There are a number of additional inserts and special cards. All are listed here.

# Brand Shoe Year
71NikeDunk High Huf (High)2004
72NikeDunk High UNKLE (High)2004
73NikeDunk Low Raygun2005
74NikeDunk Low Diamond2005
75NikeDunk Low J-Pack Royal2005
76NikeDunk Low St. Patricks Day2005
77NikeP Rod Zoom Air Elite J Rod2005
78NikeBlazer Mid Supreme2006
79NikeDunk Low Golf Pack Blue2006
80NikeBlazer Mid Milk Carton2007
81NikeDunk High Pee Wee2007
82NikeDunk Low Day of the Dead2007
83NikeDunk Low Mosquito2008
84NikeDunk Low Skate or Die2008
85NikeDunk Mid November Rain (Mid)2008
86NikeSB Trainer 2 Supreme (red)2008
87NikeSB Trainer 2 Urban Haze2008
88NikeDunk Low Angles & Demons2009
89NikeDunk Mid Northern Lights (Mid)2009
90NikeJanoski Low Floral Digi Camo2009
91NikeDunk High Heavens Gate (High)2010
92NikeDunk High Tecate (High)2010
93NikeDunk Low Chun-Li2010
94NikeDunk Low Larry Perkins2010
95NikeDunk Mid Street Fighter 'Ryu' (Mid)2010
96NikeKoston x Kobe2011
97NikeJanoski Mid Wingtips2012
98NikeDunk Low Levis2012
99NikeDunk Low Supreme (low)2012
100NikeDunk Low Pushead 22012
101NikeDunk High When Pigs Fly (High)2013
102NikeJordan 1 SB Stecyk2014
103NikeDunk Low Reverse Raygun2015
104NikeDunk Low Bleached Denim2015
105NikeDunk Low Marty McFly2015
106NikeDunk High Griptape (High)2016
107NikeDunk High Silver Box (High)2016
108NikeDunk High Spot (High)2016
109NikeDunk Low Orange Box2016
110NikeDunk High Soulland (High)2017
111NikeDunk Low East/West Denim2018
112NikeBlazer Frog2019
113NikeJordan 1 Low Koston Low2019
114NikeDunk Low Strangelove2020
115NikeDunk Mid Griffey 'Freshwater' (Mid)2020
116NikeJordan 1 LA to Chicago Multi2019
117NikeJordan 1 NY to Paris White/Black/Red2019
118NikeDunk Low Travis2020
119NikeDunk High P Rod (High)2020
120NikeDunk Low Xmas (Cliver)2020
121NikeDunk High Magnus Walker (High)2021
122NikeBRSB Forrest Gump2022
123NikeDunk High Oski2022
124NikeDunk Low Neckface2022
125NikeThe Ishod Light Olive2022
126NikeDunk High RTJ2023
127NikeDunk Low Jarritos2023
128NikeDunk Low Born & Raised2023
130NikeIshod MultiMulti

Is there anything worse than someone who cares more about the box than they do the shoe? If there is, I don't know what it is...(1/2 packs)

Number Shoe/Box Name
001Chunky DunkMadison Hucklebert
002Travis SBMiles Stonebrook
003Reverse SkunkBenedict Egozini
004Orange LobsterLiam Frostgale
005Trick or TreatBill Vandertooth
006Strawberry CoughChuck Chillout
007GundamJevin Marvrolous
008JarritosRavi Savorito
009Black SheepGrooveMaster Flex
010CivilistJesse Thrashneck
011RTFKT CryptoDunkSammy The Ape

Remember that terrible time in sneaker collecting that involved dudes taking pictures of shoes on their kitchen counters with oreos? Or Grapes? Let's do that with some SBs...

Number Food Shoe
01ShrimpDunk Low
02Chunky DunkDunk Low
03WafflesDunk High
04Street HawkerDunk Low
05CrawfishDunk Low
067-11Dunk Low
07Candy CaneDunk Low
08StarbucksDunk High
09NewcastleDunk Low
10Pepperoni PizzaJanoski
11Fried ChickenDunk Low

A two-part subset called 'Balls': (1) Baseball themed SBs and (2) SBs that dudes beast over just a little too much...

Balls 1
Balls 2
Balls 3
hub 1
hub 2
hub 3
Number Shoe Card
1Griffey Freshwater SBKen Griffey Jr. 1989 Upper Deck
2Unheardof LowEric Davis 1990 Topps
3Unheardof HighJose Canseco 1990 Fleer
XXXFreddy SB-
XXXParis SB-
XXXWhite Lobster-

Where were you the first time you heard about these sneakers?

Number Shoe Favorite Song
01Run the JewelsClose your eyes (and count to f*ck)
02MF DoomVaudeville Villain
03Travis ScottModern Jam
04Dinosaur Jr.The Wagon
05De La SoulDawn

Furry shoes.

And 1
And 2
And 3
And 3
Number Shoe Player
1Orange/GreenOrange Bear
2Green/BlueGreen Bear
3Yellow/BlueYellow Bear

Did you ever ride your skateboard to your local pizza shop to sink some quarters into StreetFighter 2? Oh, you didn't...? Hmm...me either!

Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Number Character Shoe
1AkumaP Rod 4
2Chun LiDunk Low
3RyuDunk Mid

(A continuation of the DNA set from Dunky Dunks part 1)

DNA Cards
DNA Cards
DNA Cards
DNA Cards
Number Character Shoe
DNA05StingwaterDunk Low
DNA06NewcastleDunk Low
DNA07Cheech & ChongDunk High
DNA08Puff N StuffDunk Low
DNA09Strawberry CoughDunk High

Random inserts

Random Inserts
Random Inserts
Random Inserts
Number Shoe
(Random) 1 Flying Formations Dunk (NOT AN SB)
(Random) 2 Skeletor Dunks
(Random) 3 Adobe Photoshop Dunks