It hit the fan on April 26, 2022, when IG influencer @KishKash1 billed his project with Foot Locker EU as 'the worlds first sneaker trading cards.' Personally, I wasn't bothered, because I know what we did was far more comprehensive and for a different demographic. But what was cool...all of those folks on IG stood up for us. And flooded the whole conversation with comments about how The Sneaker Savant was actually first. And when he protested, we brought receipts. You can check out some of the screenshots in the carousel.

At the time, sons and I had been doing research and illustrations for a 'Create your own swoosh' card set, highlighting all of the independent brands that dropped sneakers that were eerily familiar to some of Nikes more famous models. We decided to call that run 'Fan Art', in response to the statement about our cards.

Instead of creating another set, I decided to build a quick little website replicate the feeling of randomization you might get while opening a pack of cards. So hit that 'Shuffle Shoes' button below and give it a whirl.