#NBAOneDay FULL set checklist

The 'NBA One Day' set was distributed through several different releases...there are over 250 unique cards in the NBA One Day checklist. If you have any questions - feel free to reach out to us at @thesneakersavant , @sonsofblackmaria , or @1tostock .

200 unique individual holograpic and goil-foil stamped glossy cards make up the NBA One Day base set. There are a number of additional inserts and special releases. All are listed here.

# Brand Shoe Year
001NikeAir Alpha Force II1989
002ConverseMagic I1990
003EwingEwing 33 Hi1990
005LA GearFire High1990
006LA GearLA Gear Star Shooter High1990
007LA GearStar Shooter Low1990
008NikeAir Flight 901990
009NikeAir Nike Air Force V1990
010NikeAir Pressure1990
011ReebokOmni Zone 11990
012AdidasArtillery Mid1991
013British KnightsDymacel1991
014British KnightsEnforcer Hi1991
015ConverseAero Glide1991
016ConverseMagic II1991
020LA GearCatapult1991
021NikeAir Command Force1991
022NikeAir Flight Lite1991
023NikeAir Flight Lite Low1991
024NikeAir Force 1801991
025NikeAir Force High1991
026NikeAir Mach Force High1991
027NikeAir Ultra Force1991
028ReebokOmni Zone 2 (aka Omni Lite)1991
029ReebokReverse Jam1991
030AdidasMutumbo 11992
031ConverseAero Jet1992
033FILAThe Cage1992
035LA GearRegulator1992
036NikeAir Ballistic Force Mid1992
037NikeAir Court Force Mid1992
038NikeAir Direct Flight1992
039NikeAir Flight Huarache1992
040NikeAir Force 180 Low1992
041NikeAir Maestro I1992
042NikeAir Raid II1992
043ReebokOmni Zone 31992
044ReebokShaq Attaq I1992
046AdidasEQT Basketball Boot Hi1993
047British KnightsVengeance Mid1993
048ConverseAero Jam1993
051NikeAir Bound1993
052NikeAir Check1993
053NikeAir Dynamic Flight1993
054NikeAir Radicate1993
055NikeAir Raid II1993
056ReebokPump D-Time1993
057AdidasMutumbo 21994
058AdidasShotbock Mid1994
059AdidasThe Four1994
060FILAGrant Hill 1 - The Hill1994
062ITZIn The Zone1994
064NikeAir Assist Mid1994
065NikeAir Darwin1994
066NikeAir Force Max CB1994
067NikeAir Maestro II1994
068NikeAir Max 2 CB1994
069NikeAir Pound1994
070NikeAir Prevail1994
071ReebokShaq Attaq III1994
072NikeBFS (Big Fu* Swoosh)1995
074FILAGrant Hill II1995
075FILAMashburn 2A1995
076FILAStackhouse I1995
078Karl KaniDoublelace1995
079NikeAir 2 Strong Hi1995
080NikeAir 2 Strong Mid1995
081NikeAir Baja 3411995
082NikeAir CB341995
083NikeAir CB34 II1995
084NikeAir DVST81995
085NikeAir Flight 741995
086NikeAir Flight One1995
087NikeAir Go LWP1995
088NikeAir Max Sensation1995
089NikeAir Max Uptempo1995
090NikeAir Max2 Uptempo (Leather and Mesh)1995
091NikeAir Penny I1995
092NikeAir Swoopes1995
093NikeAir Tight1995
094NikeAir Wayup1995
095NikeAir Zoom Flight 951995
096ReebokKamikaze 11995
097ReebokShaq Attaq IV (Insta Pump)1995
098SpaldingHakeem The Dream1995
099Warner BrothersBig Country1995
100AdidasEQT Top Ten 20001996
101And1Starbury 11996
102And1Starbury 21996
103ConverseAll Star 20001996
104FILAGrant Hill III1996
105FILAStack Mid1996
107NauticaCompetition Spara1996
108NauticaSport Tech1996
109NikeAir Adjust Force1996
110NikeAir Modify Force1996
111NikeAir Money1996
112NikeAir More Uptempo1996
113NikeAir Penny II1996
114NikeAir School Force1996
115NikeAir Shake Ndestrukt1996
116NikeAir Swoopes II1996
117NikeAir Turbulence1996
118NikeAir Worm Ndestrukt1996
119NikeAir Zoom Flight 961996
120NikeAir Zoom Flight Five1996
121ReebokAvant Guard1996
123ReebokDunk Mob1996
124ReebokIcepick Mid1996
125ReebokKamikaze 21996
128ReebokThe Question1996
129Tommy HilfigerBBall1996
130NikeAir Pure Uptempo1997
131AdidasEQT Elevation 971997
132AdidasEQT Top Ten 20101997
134ConverseAll Star Rodman1997
135ConverseDr. J 20001997
136FILABubbles Mid1997
137FILAGrant Hill IV1997
140Karl KaniJohn Wallace1997
141NikeAir Alonzo1997
142NikeAir Bakin1997
143NikeAir College Force Mid1997
144NikeAir Foamposite1997
145NikeAir Foamposite Pro1997
146NikeAir Garnett I1997
147NikeAir Hawk Flight1997
148JordanJumpman Team1997
149JordanJumpman Pro1997
150NikeAir Movin Uptempo1997
151NikeAir Penny III1997
152NikeAir Pippen I1997
153NikeAir Total Max Uptempo1997
154NikeAir Uptempo 971997
155ReebokAnswer 11997
157Tommy HilfigerIcon1997
160AdidasKB8 21998
161FILAGrant Hill V1998
162FILAMuscle Mid1998
164NikeAir CB4 II1998
165NikeAir Force Lite1998
166JordanJumpman Pro Quick1998
167JordanJumpman Pro Strong1998
168NikeAir Penny IV1998
169NikeAir Pippen II1998
170NikeAir Pippen III1998
171NikeAir T-Bug1998
172NikeAir Total Foamposite Max1998
173NikeAir Zoom Flight 98 The Glove1998
174PumaBasketball Mid1998
175ReebokAnswer 21998
176ReebokReignman III1998
177AdidasForum Supreme1999
178And1Tai Chi1999
180ConverseNo Limit MP1999
182NikeAir Aggress Force1999
183NikeAir Flightposite1999
184NikeAir Jamgasmic1999
185JordanJumpman Vindicate1999
186JordanJumpman Vindicate1999
187NikeAir Zoom GP1999
188PumaVinsanity 11999
189ReebokAnswer 31999
191NikeAir Flightposite II2000
192NikeAir Max Duncan2000
193ReebokAnswer 42000
194NikeAir Flightposite III2001
195NikeAir Hyperflight2001
196DadaC Dubbz2002
198DadaSupreme Spinners2004
199JordanHare Jordan 71996
200NBA Socks

Created in conjunction with @ervinshoes we created 5 cards paying tribute to a handful of the first Air Force 1 retros of the 1990's.

AF1 1
AF1 2
AF1 3
Year Model Nickname
1997MidIndependence Day
1992HighWhite/Carolina Blue

Created in partnership with @sneakerpreservationsociety we created 5 cards paying tribute to the passage of time (through sneakers) and Andrew's impeccable photography style.

AF1 1
AF1 2
AF1 3
Card Model Title
1Nike Air Darwin"Survival of the Fittest"
2Nike Command Force"It's about make the accents pop"
3Nike Air Max Sensation"Ba-Su-Ke"
4Nike Air Force 180"All I want every day is a better tomorrow."
5Nike Air Raid LE"There's always money in the banana stand."

Created in collaboration with @verano_frio and @sneakerdave, we created 5 cards paying tribute to some rarities from 90's WNBA Players - including an aesthetic that many would recognize from Nike advertisements around that time period.

Number Shoe Player
1Nike Air Shake 'Em UpCynthia Cooper
2Nike Air Total 9k>Lisa Leslie
3Nike Air Run 'Em UpVarious WNBA Players
4Nike Air Swoopes IVSheryl Swoopes
5Nike Air Zoom SwoopesSheryl Swoopes

This idea started as Pen & Pixel style art for sneakers, but eventually turned into something else. Long version short - the cards in this subset eventually became a full length hip hop album complete with CD release - produced by @supermuchmusic written and rapped by @sankofafw with album art done by @sonsofblackmaria. You can check it out below:

# Model Nickname Colorway
1Allen IversonThe QuestionThe Question
2Reggie MillerKnick KillerAir Pound
3Dikembe MutomboMt. MutomboMutombo 1
4Grant HillG MoneyFila GH2
5David RobinsonThe AdmiralAir Unlimited
6Patrick EwingBeast from the EastEwing 33
7Dennis RodmanThe WormThe Worm
8Hakeem OlajuwonThe DreamSpalding
9Stephon MarburyStarburyAnd1 Starbury 1
10Shawn KempThe ReignmanKamikaze

High School High cards pay tribute to me and my crew and our years in High School thinking of little more than basketball, sneakers, music, and girls. These sketches are set against a backdrop of our actual school work from the late 90's.

Number Shoe Schoolwork
TNT01Fila Grant Hill 2@therealdripgod1
TNT02Nike Air More Uptempo@therealdripgod1
TNT03Reebok Question@therealdripgod1
TNT04And1 Starbury@thesneakersavant
TNT05Reebok Answer II@thesneakersavant
TNT06Fila Grant Hill 4@thesneakersavant
TNT07Nike Air Raid II@mrkennerline
TNT08Nike Air DVST8@mrkennerline
TNT09Nike Air Penny II@mrkennerline
TNT10Nike Air Force Max@timmylarson1980
TNT11Nike Air Wayup@timmylarson1980
TNT12Reebok Pump@timmylarson1980
TNT13Fila Grant Hill 3No gram 'Cruz'
TNT14Nike Zoom Flight 5No gram 'Cruz'
TNT15Nike Air Maestro 3No gram 'Cruz'

Created with a [redacted], these cards show the duality of And1 and a few of their more polarizing endorsees.

And 1
And 2
And 3
Number Shoe Player
1Red/GoldVince Carter
2Blue/Rose GoldStephon Marbury
3Orange/SilverLatrell Sprewell

Created with a @sneakertoons, we chose a couple of popular sneakers from 90's movies and he illustrated them.

Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Silver Screen Sneakers cards
Number Shoe Movie
1Nike Air Command ForceWhite Men Can't Jump
2Jordan XI 'Space Jam'Space Jam

Unreleased Set!:

Slam Dunk!

Created by Sons of Black Maria, the 'Slam Dunk' set takes inspiration from sneakers shown in the Japanese Anime show.

Slam Dunk #1
Slam Dunk #2
Slam Dunk #3
Slam Dunk #4
Slam Dunk #5
Slam Dunk #6
Number Shoe
(Unreleased) 1 Asics High Time
(Unreleased) 2 Jordan VI
(Unreleased) 3 Nike Air Strong
(Unreleased) 4 And1 Tai Chi
(Unreleased) 5 Converse Quest Mid
(Unreleased) 6 Asics Gel SL43

Unreleased Set!:

Sammy's Y2K Sale!

Created by The Sneaker Savant, Sammy's Y2K Sale cards showed a different side of sneaker stores trying to unload inventory in the late 90's.

Sammy's Y2K Sale front
Sammy's Y2K Sale back
Number Shoe
(Unreleased) 1 Nike Godzilla
(Unreleased) 2 Nike Air Pressure
(Unreleased) 3 Reebok Answer 1
(Unreleased) 4 Ewing 33 Hi
(Unreleased) 5 Nike Zoom Flight 5
(Unreleased) 6 Fila Bubbles
(Unreleased) 7 Nike Air Raid
(Unreleased) 8 Reebok Shaqnosis
(Unreleased) 9 Converse Aero Jam
(Unreleased) 10 Fila Stackhouse
(Unreleased) 11 Nike Air Max Duncan